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From the time the media is provided to us, we maintain a very strict chain of custody.

Our secure data destruction methods meet stringent DoD (Department of Defense) US Government compliance standards. For auditing purposes we provide a certificate of destruction verified by an independent third party.

Our secure data destruction methods include:

  • Single Pass Wipe – Suitable for the general use, Hard drives receive a standard Single Pass Wipe.
  • DoD (standard) – 3 Pass Wipe; Suitable for standard businesses, the 3 Pass Wipe is recommended for those wanting to erase confidential information.
  • DoD 5220.22-M – 7 Pass Wipe; Suitable for government and private businesses that handle sensitive information.
  • Physical Destruction – The ultimate in hard drive destruction. Your hard drive will be shredded.

Our Industry Certified Technicians and Engineers are fully equipped to perform secure data destruction at your premises.

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